Classy, Sassy, and bit Smart Assy

Here we embrace all that makes us Sassy.  We don’t sugarcoat anything and we don’t hold back.  Release your inner demons, and speak your darkest fears.  We’re all mad here.

We have far too many interesting, strange, and uniquely deep conversations to keep it all to ourselves.  Come in, join us, and share with us. We want to create a safe community for ourselves and others to speak their mind, their darkest secrets, or craziest ideas.  When our inner demons are brought out into the light, when our biggest fears are spoken aloud, the chains that bind our souls, start to fall away.

The original idea was to share everything that makes our Circle — Epic.  And it all blossomed from there.  In planning, collaborating, and talking it out, we realized a very important detail we had overlooked.  Part of what makes us Epic is the mental illnesses we have rolling around inside.  So, for us to share all that makes us Epic, that part cannot be left out.  We don’t leave it our amongst ourselves, and for this to really work, we can’t deny it’s existence here either.

Which blossomed even further into the idea that there are so many others that feel they have to hide a part of themselves away from the world.  Society has such a stigma about mental illness that it can be hard to truly cope and learn to heal.

Thus the idea of this website was born.  Our Sassy Ass Life is made possible because the three of us embrace EVERYTHING that makes us, us.  And we want you to do the same.  That means when you are having an off day, a bad day, a terrifying day; share it and share all of it.  When you are having a break down, or an epiphany, share it and share all of it.

For those that are wondering,  the three of us are not using our real names.  There is a very serious reason for this.  Anonymity.  It is very important to what we want to accomplish here.  Some people suffer in silence due to family pressure.  Some live in fear because they are afraid they might loose their job.  Some are terrified that people will simply not understand and take action that will damage their family, children or send them to an institution.  It is because of this that we strive for all who enter here to remain as anonymous as they wish to be.  The things we think are not pretty some days, they are down right dark and ugly.  Someone without a mental illness will not understand and could perceive our ramblings as a danger to others.  And the rest of us know that in reality, sometimes that’s what it looks like inside.  We are also all to aware that if we cannot get it out, we will slowly suffocate anything positive that we have left.  There has to be a safe place for us to bond, to connect, to share.

That being said, this place is not limited to people with mental illness.  It is open to all who feel the desire to have a safe place to express or talk about anything.  Maybe you are a first time mom, a first time wife, an adult that recently lost their parent, or parents.  Maybe you are newly divorced, newly diagnosed with a chronic illness that may not be mental in nature but will most definitely affect your mental state, maybe a family member is abusive and you need a place to vent.  Whatever has lead you here, we welcome you , and hope that we, and others can help you find what you are looking for.


For our design to work, anonymity must be protected, as well as safety and sanctuary.  This means that yes, you must register to join discussions, leave comments, or contribute.  You may register under a false name, that is fine, no one will know.  By removing the ability for people to contribute without registering, this will allow us to police and remove rule breakers and seriously rude people from our pages.  If they are registered, we can very easily deactivate them and remove their toxicity from our lives.  With that in mind here are the rules of Our Sassy Ass Life.  Break them, and you will be gone.  Follow them, and we can grow together.

We don’t want to be overly strict in here- this is a pretty laid back group full of pretty laid back people. However, just to make sure there are absolutely NO errors in communication regarding what is or isn’t allowed, we’ve decided to put these rules into place.

1) No topic is off limits. Share whatever you want, whenever you want. As much or as little as you want. You can tell the group that you’re worried you’re going to have a mental breakdown, or if you’re excited that you pooped today! Everything from your deepest, darkest, most frightening thoughts to the most random, hilarious, crazy moments and everything in between-you can talk about ANYTHING here.

2) Language- We have no rules about “dirty words”… a few of us use “fuck” like a fucking comma in every fucking sentence, so trying to cut out the swearing would be hypocritical and, let’s face it, a complete and utter failure. This particular kind of language isn’t a concern, unless your cursing is directed AT an individual. However:

3) Language (Part II)- NO JUDGMENTAL PRICKS! (I know you’ve all heard that part before) Abusive, judgmental, or destructive language or anything else that would or could make another person feel bad, or that was intended to make someone else feel bad, is a HUGE no-no. Constructive criticism is acceptable so long as it is requested by the member who originally posted (they might ask for honest opinions, etc.). But we have many members who have dealt with suicidal tendencies and self-harm and fairly serious self-esteem issues, who don’t need anyone here trying to make them feel bad. This group is for fun and to build each other up- not tear each other down. The first time you say something we feel is hurtful, you will get a warning, simply because it may not have been how you meant it. The second time, you will be automatically banned. Let’s just try to stick to, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything,” okay?


We don’t care if you think there is absolutely no chance in hell that you’ll ever meet the rest of us in person, or if you think the person you’re talking to won’t think much of it, or if you think that your coworker would find a story from the group funny or helpful. DO NOT REPEAT ANYTHING FROM THIS GROUP. This is to protect each and every member of the group, including yourself. We are all here talking about things because we feel like we can’t discuss them anywhere else- which means that what might seem like a useless bit of information to you is someone else’s heartbreak, or trauma, or nightmare, or even just their life. And you never know what effect information could have on someone’s life, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. We’re not in the business of ruining marriages or friendships or families, whether you agree with someone or not. ANYONE WHO WE FIND HAS BEEN DISCUSSING GROUP INFORMATION OUTSIDE OF THE GROUP WILL BE IMMEDIATELY BANNED WITHOUT NOTICE.