My head lately seems filled with thoughts of my heart sisters who created this page with me. I’m missing their presence in my life so much recently- I feel like something’s missing.

I feel terrible today. I suddenly, and without warning, projectile vomited all over myself and my car on my way home from work this morning. It was awful. Then I felt fine most of the day, so i decided to go into work this evening.

I was not. Fine.

I spent 90% of my first shift either sitting on the toilet or hugging it. Every time I would walk back into the main part of the house and smell dinner, I would heave. I even sprayed air freshener hoping that would help, to no avail. I shit my pants because I couldn’t get there fast enough. Twice. Needless to say I thought it best to come home and rest rather than work the rest of my shifts. Thankfully, I have an awesome manager who told me to go home and feel better.

On my drive home, I kept thinking about the mini cheerio and why we three work so well together despite our differences. I thought about the things we appreciate about each other. And I think I finally really understand.

The Chill is the absolute embodiment of faith. Her faith is unshakeable in the face of things that would make the most devout man crumble. And she is the absolute most beautiful representation of it. She doesn’t use her faith as a tool to beat down the ones most people look down on. Instead, she uses it as a tool to lift the fallen, heal the broken, and bring hope to the hopeless. She doesn’t let her faith separate her from those who aren’t like her, but rather lets it bring them closer. She doesn’t have a faith that builds walls- her faith demolishes them.

La Rana, to me, is hope (and yes, The Chill, I know you wanted hope, but hear me out). This is a woman who is a shining example of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. She has been through almost every horrific experience you can think of, and wears it like a fur draped round her shoulders. She’s given up the one thing that means everything, out of hope for a better future. This woman is forever showing me that it’s okay to break, because better days are coming. She shows me that you can and should be constantly working to improve yourself because you CAN do anything you put your mind to. She reminds me that I can go on in the face of my greatest pain, because she’s been there and still manages to shine. She gives me hope.

And me? You can ask anyone. I’m love. Love is, and will always be my HIGHEST calling. I never run out, and I do my best to spread it to as many people as I can- like a cuddly STD 😂😂. I dont think love is ever wrong, and you can never go wrong if love is your intention. Ask any of my closest friends their favorite thing about me, they’ll tell you it’s simply that I just love.

Now, I realize that this post has serious biblical undertones. If you know me well, you know that’s not exactly my jam. But I think these principles apply pretty fairly across all religions. Whether you’re Christian or atheist or something in between, you have to have faith in something, you need hope for the future, and you should let love guide your life.  THAT’S why we three work so well together. Because when we’re all in the same place?

That’s soul food.

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