My hair. Oh how I loved it long. I received compliments about it all the time. My long hair was a piece of me. I told myself the last time I chopped it off that I would never do it again because soon after I cut it, someone close to me passed away. I felt like if I didn’t cut my hair again, then I wouldn’t lose people anymore (don’t judge my thinking process. I was grieving and it seemed to be appropriate at the time). Needless to say, in the past 3 years I have lost A LOT!!

I have changed so much since my last “chop session”. I am getting baptized (again) on Sunday. I was seven the first time I got baptized and I am almost certain I have lived about 10 lives since then. Anyway, not only am I getting baptized on Sunday to cleanse my sins of the past, but to start life right as the new and improved me. I am a mother. I am a lover (though I do this in my own special way). I am a motivator. I am a believer in hope, love, and life.

I have grown into this person over the past few years, and my hair grew with me. My decision to cut my hair was in two parts. Part one: Inspiration (because two of my lovelies decided to chop their hair off, too). Part two: To cut off all of the heartache and pain from my past. I stopped and I thought about it — I was LITERALLY carrying it around. LITERALLY!! So off it went. I officially let go of the past. Now I can start over again, but without the negative strolling around with me.

None of this may make sense to you – But it makes perfect sense to me. It brings me peace. And let me tell you – The feeling of peace is an amazing feeling. I am finding more and more peace in my life with every step that I take as I move forward.

As always – I love to love you.

One thought on “Chopped Off = Letting Go

  1. All that matters is how you feel about you and your journeys are always yours. I am a firm believer in doing what you can to make this life less suck. I have had short hairs now for 4 years and feel like it is who I am and I love me. You are a strong woman. Keep on keeping on❤️

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